Adding a Reservation Product

  1. Sign in to your Vendor Dashboard.
  2. Select the Booking tab on the dashboard then click Add New Booking.
  3. Enter booking name.
  4. Add product cover image and secondary photos.
  • Upload file- this gives you the opportunity to select a file from anywhere on your device.
  • Or select Media library to choose a previously uploaded image.
  1. Select “Virtual”
  2. Select category you want the booking to appear (Booking and Accommodation, Suites)
  3. Tags
  4. Booking Duration-
  • Select whether or not the block is dependent on the amount of person
  • You can select how much each block represent (minutes, hour, day, month)
  1. Calendar Display Mode- select whether or not you want the calendar to stay visible or you want it visible when click. This will be used to select dates when booking.
  2. Click whether or not the booking “Require Confirmation”
  3. Click whether or not you want people booking “can be cancelled“
  • How much minutes, hour, day or month before the booking date can it be cancelled.
  1. Tax
  2. Availability
  • Maximum booking per block Eg. How booking can you take in a single minute, hour day etc.( depends on what your block represent)
  • Minimum and Maximum amount of time you can book into the future.
  1. Required buffer period- this is a period between each booking that you can use for cleaning
  • Click the box for “Adjacent Booking” to allow a Buffering Period before and after each booking.
  2. Restricted start and end date- you can choose your operating days by ticking the box. This restrict booking day.
  3. Availability Range- As the name suggest you can select a range (time available for booking and when it’s not available, it helps to create a schedule for you.
    • Priority is used to create an order in which each range is executed.
  4. Cost
  • Standard room base rate- This is a standard rate for the booking this is constant
  • Standard room block rate- This is the cost for 1 block (1 block represent 1 day for “Accommodation Booking”)
  • Display cost- this cost will be displayed on the front end.
  • Range – this allow u to add special cost over a range of time and/or person
  1. Short Description
  2. Description
  3. Save to continue
  4. Extra Option
  • Has person-
    • This will give you the option to put a minimum and maximum person per booking.
    • Click box to multiply the cost by each person added to the room.
    • Click box to count each person as the booking this will multiple each person to the sum of Standard room base rate and Standard room block rate
    • Person type this will allow you to add a cost to each person type (eg. Adult, children etc.)
  • Has Resources
    • This allow you to add different amenities/add-ons (champagne, crib, wine etc.) to your booking. You can add a cost to them or make them free.
    • How to add resource (check documents)
  1. Inventory
  2. Other option:
    • Allow you to put the product online or keep it as a draft.
    • Select whether or not you want your product to be visible to customers.
  3. Purchase Note- this will be sent as an email to the customers after purchasing the product.
  4. Enable product reviews to get customer feedback on your product.
  5. Save product.


  1. Select Booking on your vendor dashboard.
  2. Select manage resource.
  3. “Add new Resource”
  4. Enter resource name and press OK
  5. After the resource is added select edit to add quantity and range of time the resource will be available.
  6. Save resource
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