Colorful underwater waterproof lights highlight remote control lights

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1. Waterproof diving light adopts advanced high-brightness LED lighting technology and highly waterproof function, which can put the light directly into the water. This model has 10 lamp heads with remote control, which can be controlled by remote control within 10 meters.

2. The waterproof diving light has been used for a long time and looks gorgeous and beautiful in the water: especially when the ambient light is not very bright (at night), the effect is particularly obvious. Various types of party, party, bar or family dinner, or used in flower pots, fish tanks. With it will add a lot of fun …

3. LED luminous color can be made into red, yellow, blue, green, pink, purple, white and so on.

4. The product is realistic, safe and practical. Bright and colorful colors are emitted at work: warm and affectionate red, romantic warm blue, youthful green, long charming yellow, mysterious and implicit purple …

5, the product uses AAA dry batteries, replaceable batteries. Each product is equipped with a remote control. The product shell is made of transparent PC, and the product size is about 7 * 2.2CM.

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Dimensions 250 × 230 × 150 cm

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